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Chris Preston
Chris has had a passion for construction and engineering from an early age. He studied Civil Engineering at the world-leading Surrey University and has continued to expand his technical knowledge and understanding of the building process through courses and forums throughout his career. From small residential developments to some of Europe's largest infrastructure projects, Chris has created and developed engineering solutions for a wide and diverse array of builds and designs. This experience combined with the expertise learned along the way form the foundations of Preston & Co - a company that delivers a thorough, reliable and above all professional service. Chris' vision is to ensure that all projects with Preston & Co's involvement are completed to only the highest standards, applying superior industry knowledge and dynamic creativity to deliver cost-effective, legal and quality builds. His strong belief in education, communication and integration underpins his drive to w
Role: Managing Director
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Vytautas Liubertas
Vytas Graduated from Swansea University in 2012 gaining a degree in Civil Engineering. Prior to Preston & Co Engineering Vytas worked as a historic building defect surveyor and wood scientist. Parallel to this, he has also worked as a structural engineer where he contributed to multiple structural timber design projects in various countries. Combining these two experiences he has been able to develop a holistic understanding of structural buildings of different materials which allows him to give the best advice to clients.
Role: Structural Engineer
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Sam Slade
I’m responsible for building 3D models and producing detailed design drawings including General Arrangements, Sections and Details inline with industry wide drawing and project standards for Structural Engineering and Temporary Works design. Fully compliant with BIM Level 2 I work in a fully collaborative model, using in house cloud surveys, external 3D models, 2D drawings or archive drawings to produce a clash free model and a set of structural/temporary works drawings that can be built.   I also work producing and developing in house families, standards and BIM for structural/temporary works design to streamline cost and productivity. I’m working towards using expanding our technical capabilities further to provide a more enhanced client experience by developing the use of Virtual Reality into design so clients can get a more personal feel to our design.
Role: Senior Structural Technician
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Project Manager
Information coming soon.
Role: Project Manager
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Heléna Lawrence
Helena is the Office Manager, continuing to organise the office and allow for Chris to be more hands-on with Clients and be on site more. With a varied background within Events and Recruitment she brings a keen eye for detail and oversees all of the admin elements to ensure that everything is met to the highest of standards and to Clients expectations.
Role: Office Manager
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Tom Nisbet
I am responsible for producing company standard drawings aligned to industry standards to provide the company with a wide range of details in structural engineering & temporary works. I am currently an apprentice at the company and expanding my knowledge of structural engineering and temporary works design, developing my software proficiency on Autodesk Revit and AutoCAD. I am studying a Level 3 NVQ in Digital Engineering with a BTEC Level 3 in Construction and built environment at Dudley College with CADCOE. As an apprentice, I cover a wide range of tasks within the company to learn more about the industry and what role I would like to fulfil in the future. I aim to grow my engineering technician skills and continue my progression to have a positive impact on the built environment.
Role: Apprentice Engineering Technician
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Philip Morley
Since graduating from Sheffield University in 1984 Philip has always been involved with building control industry. He has been a Chartered Building Surveyor since 2000 and worked with OnSite building control since 2013, becoming a Director in 2015. He now enjoys working with both clients and construction teams to help bring projects to life. Philip believes that Building Regulations and the Approved Documents are not just a guide to show compliance of a project, but the foundations of creative and innovative design. His 30 plus years experience in Construction and Building Control means he has seen and overcome the majority of problems that can present themselves - his belief is that no project should be rejected and that there is near-enough always a solution. Ultimately, Philip and his team can provide the most value to the project by being involved from an early planning stage.
Role: Director of Building Surveyors
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Benjamin Deacon
Coming soon.
Role: Senior Marketing Manager
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