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About Us

Welcome to Preston & Co Engineering. Thank you for taking the time to visit our site - we hope you can find the answers you are looking for, whether that be about our services or if you had a question and wanted to look through our blogs to find the answer.

From large blue-chip brands to individual landlords and developers and everyone inbetween, we work with a diverse selection of clients across a wide range of project types. This enables us to take valuable learnings from all areas of the construction industry and apply them to others, ultimately helping us to provide the ultimate service to you.

We remove the worry from the unknown, overlooked and often misunderstood parts of the industry. In turn, this enables you take advantage of the benefits of us looking after the detauils as well as negate the costs of not fully complying with the often complex planning laws.

When you take us on, we make sure that you have our continued support throughout your project, helping you to fulfil your legal duties, maximise profit and realise the full potential of your ideas.

You should always feel free to call or email us - we're here to help. Should you have any suggestions, we welcome feedback so we can continually build upon our service. We look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Meet the Senior Team

Chris Preston
Managing Director
Chris has had a passion for construction and engineering from an early age. He studied Civil Engineering at the world-leading Surrey University and ha
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Philip Morley
Director of Building Surveyors
Since graduating from Sheffield University in 1984 Philip has always been involved with building control industry. He has been a Charte
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Benjamin Deacon
Senior Marketing Manager
Coming soon.
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