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Construction Health & Safety Plan - Are you Aware?

Health & Safety Planning - Construction

Sector Plan for Health and Safety: Construction

The recent sector plan passed by Health & Safety Executives (HSE) aims to decrease and hopefully suppress work-related death, injury and ill health in the Construction industry altogether. Over two million people are working in construction throughout Great Britain alone. It contributes £97 billion to our economy and is dominated by self-employed or small businesses.

Construction has always been a hazardous industry but thanks to modern day Health & Safety laws and a proactive approach by many, death and life-changing injuries have been reduced significantly. More so in the past decade. Still, levels of incidents and ill health directly caused by working in the construction industry remain high.

In fact, our industry has a higher rate of occupation lung disease and musculoskeletal disorder than any other industry.
Most of the fatal incidents recorded involve small businesses. The level of risk on larger projects is still apparent, but larger companies are generally better at controlling risks and safety issues than smaller projects. This often comes down to the lack of budget in smaller businesses to employ competent Health & Safety support, resulting in the lack of awareness around these crucial regulations.

Let’s have a look at what the HSE highlight as essential topics going forward and what they will be prioritising.


They will initiate effective management and control of risk by:

  • Making sure the Construction, Design & Managment Regulations (CDM 2015) are understood and complied to by collaborating with Commercial Clients, Principal Designers and Designers as well as working with other Health and Safety regulators (e.g. Office for Nuclear Regulation and Office of Rail and Road) where needed.
  • Directing inspection and enforcement at those not currently managing and controlling risks or focusing on health risks, refurbishment activity, and licensed asbestos removal.
  • Carry out more visits to small businesses to encourage them to self-assess their current health & risk management procedures. Ultimately, helping them to develop or initiate safer methods of working.


The HSE will lead and engage with others to improve workplace health and safety through:

  • Promote industry ownership of effective health & safety risk management through:
    • Case studies
    • Offering guidance and advice
    • Construction-focused Stress Management Standards
    • Putting together “Working Well Together” events
  • Carrying out insight research to develop interventions which use the right mix of messages, tools, information and incentives that will help small and micro construction businesses comply proportionately with CDM 2015
  • Help to identify and tackle unnecessary business-on-business burdens (blue tape)
  • Engaging professional bodies to enhance the skills and knowledge of future designers through effective teaching of design risk management
  • Demonstrating the effective use of building information modelling to improve the sharing of risk information, coordination and collaboration throughout the design and construction process
  • engaging with supply chains to reduce risks from manual handling and improve the provision of welfare facilities across the sector


What does this mean for small business owners?

You are either going to have to employ a Health & Safety consultant to help support you and your business – educate you and your employees on the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 and other relevant regulations so that you can comply accordingly. Alternatively, find more information here on how to attend the “Work Well Together” events in order to educate yourself.

We suspect that the HSE will carry out more enforcement on small and local businesses – ensuring that construction sites become safer. You owe it to yourself and your workers to create a safer, healthier working environment.

Here at Preston & Co Engineering, we can act as your company’s health & safety consultants to support you and your business.

Please contact us for more information on how we can help you.


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Great Article.
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