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At Preston & Co Engineering we put a huge emphasis on knowledge sharing. We believe that, no matter if you are a construction professional or private landlord, learning is a two-way process and that the industry as a whole can benefit through the transfer of ideas. 

Therefore we are proud to say that we are always striving to learn both as individuals and at an organisational level. Here we share those learnings and, as a result, help to contricbute to the industry as a whole.

Please feel free to share your experiences, questions and feedback to us. We hope you find this blog a useful collection of tips and action points which you can implement straight away. This information is completely free and you don't have to register or give personal details.



BIM and the use of Revit

Preston & Co. Engineering has used Autodesk Revit as our primary BIM (Building Information Modelling) platform since we started, we work in 3D on all of our projects. We use our models from the earliest stages of design and throughout the construction process.

The models are primarily used to create our technical drawings but are also used for visualisations to help communicate our designs to our clients and the rest of the team. Our experience with using Revit means that we are very comfortable working in a collaborative BIM environment. 

Data outputs for our models assist with clash detections, estimating and project phasing.

Our modelling strategy enables our engineers to utilise the latest software packages and design directly in a 3D environment, continually updating and refining our BIM models and offering real-time project visualisations.

We have embraced the use of BIM as part of the way we work and are seeing real tangible benefits within the design process and look forward to developing our expertise in the future as BIM becomes more widespread in the industry.

Help with using Revit and implementing BIM?

If you are interested in finding out more why not get in touch with our team to see how your project could benefit from using this techonology.