The Importance of Temporary Works in Construction

Temporary works come in many different forms, from simple hoarding to crane platforms and excavation supports. The vital roles that these temporary structures perform include protecting people and structures, providing support, and enabling access around the site. Temporary works are there to allow you to complete your project safely and effectively.

What Can Go Wrong

If there are any issues with the temporary works, it can cause big problems for the project. Making the wrong choices with your temporary works designs can cause issues with access or the functioning of your equipment. Other problems can occur if the temporary works are not of the right quality or if they are poorly maintained. Something as simple as a section of hoarding falling over could cost you significant time and money if it prevents work from continuing. In the worst case, issues with the temporary works design could even put your workers and the public at risk. 

How to Avoid Problems with Temporary Works

In order to avoid these kinds of issues and ensure that the temporary works are fulfilling their roles effectively, it is important to plan carefully and take the appropriate steps to look after your site. The simplest way to do this is to work with an experienced temporary works consultancy, which can help with everything from the initial designs to compiling the temporary works register and conducting hoarding inspections and temporary works audits.

  • Start thinking about temporary works at the tender stage to ensure you have the right temporary works design and avoid unexpected issues later
  • Work with a temporary works consultancy throughout the construction process to ensure continuity
  • Create a temporary works register with details of everything on site
  • Set up temporary works procedures to ensure all work and maintenance is done to the highest standards
  • Appoint a competent person or persons to manage your temporary works
  • Perform regular checks such as hoarding inspections as well as thorough temporary works audits throughout the process