Temporary Works Coordinator

Temporary works play a vital role on all construction sites, but they must be managed properly in order to use your time and money effectively. Our temporary works coordinators can ensure that you get the right scaffolding, hoardings and other temporary elements on schedule and at the best price.

How a Temporary Works Coordinator Can Help

Our coordinators can take care of everything from scaffolding and hoarding to crane foundations, excavation support and other types of temporary works. We can come up with safe and practical designs that minimise risk while keeping your site working efficiently.

The temporary works coordinator will:

  • Take full responsibility as the designated person for designing and managing your temporary works
  • Create a temporary work register
  • Come up with a design brief that considers your needs, schedule and budget
  • Carry out design checks and ensure safety with risk assessments, design certificates and method statements
  • Issue permits to load/strike promptly and ensure everything is in place on time
  • Perform regular maintenance and inspections of all temporary works on the site
  • Coordinate with you, the permanent works and construction teams, and any subcontractors at all stages from design to completion of the project

Why Use a Temporary Works Consultancy?

Bringing in a consultant to coordinate temporary works can be the most efficient and cost effective option. When you use a temporary works consultancy, you will have a knowledgeable expert on hand to design and manage your temporary works, without having to add to your team or burden yourself with extra responsibilities. Your temporary works coordinator can help by:

  • Ensuring that you get the right temporary works designs
  • Matching the temporary works to your construction schedule and preventing delays
  • Managing the cost of temporary works to save you money
  • Keeping your site safe and in line with all the relevant regulations for temporary works

Working with Preston & Co Engineering

Preston & Co can take on all of your temporary works design and management. As specialists in temporary works, we have the skills and knowledge required to manage everything from small residential sites to major structural engineering and construction projects. Our experienced coordinators understand how to create safe, practical temporary works that suit your needs. Our temporary works consultancy can provide an efficient and cost effective service that will save you time and money.

If you have any questions or you’re interested in hiring a temporary works coordinator, you can get in touch by phone, email or using our online contact form. We are always happy to discuss your structural engineering or construction projects and how we can help with your temporary works.