Temporary Works Design

The right temporary works design can make a big difference to how safely and efficiently your site functions. Our experts can create designs for all kinds of temporary works, from simple scaffolding to large scale excavation supports. We will ensure that you have the right temporary works to get the job done.

How a Temporary Works Designer Can Help

Our experienced team can create designs including hoarding and fencing, scaffolding, platforms and bases, excavation supports, reinforcements and any other temporary works elements you require. The design will take into account the unique nature of the site and the work that you need to carry out. We can provide a practical design solution that will enable you to complete your work by ensuring you have the right protection, support and access in place.

The temporary works designer will:

  • Ensure that the design brief that matches your needs, schedule and budget
  • Provide design certificates 
  • Conduct risk assessments and design checks 
  • Ensure the design is in line with BS 5975 (soon to be revised 2018) guidance and compliant with all relevant regulations.
  • Coordinate with the permanent construction design team and any other parties involved in the project

Why Use a Temporary Works Consultancy?

Getting the design of the temporary works right is essential if you want to keep your site working efficiently. Bringing in a designer from a temporary works consultancy can be the most cost effective way to achieve this. You can benefit from our expertise while freeing your own team up to focus on other aspects of the project.

Our experienced temporary works designers can ensure that:

  • The design is suitable for your site and project
  • The temporary works will match your schedule and budget
  • All relevant safety requirements and regulations are met

Working with Preston & Co Engineering 

Preston & Co can create temporary works designs for all kinds of construction, from simple residential projects to major structural engineering works. We specialise in temporary works consultancy, so we have the experience required to match the design to your needs. Our skilled designers can plan temporary works that work well for your site, at the right cost.

If you would like to learn more about our temporary works design service, you can contact us by phone, email or our online form. We are always ready to answer your questions and help you to make the right decisions about your temporary works designs.