Building Control, Temporary Works, Principal Designer and Planning Drawings for Residential Projects

Temporary Works for Homeowners

Dedicated services for homeowners

We know that building, re-building or refurbishing a property is an expensive and daunting prospect. That’s why we’ve developed a range of services that will help you to get things right first time. We’re professional structural engineers, with years of experience in helping homeowners with significant building projects. So, from structural engineering design and support to managing building control, we’ll give you the practical advice, engineering expertise and construction experience you need to complete the project of your dreams.

  • Homeowners Gold Package – our complete care system for you and your project.
  • Structural design – detailed and specific designs that turn your drawings into reality.
  • Homeowner temporary works – everything from digging foundations to construction hoardings.
  • Building Control – making sure your project meets regulations, and handling everything for you.

Structural Design

Maximise your space. Define your aesthetics.

Professional structural design is the basis for all great construction. It requires an understanding of space, light and context, blended with practical knowledge about the construction process itself and the way the building will be used on a day-to-day basis.

With an outstanding background in structural design, we work with architects, construction project managers and project owners to make sure that your vision can be realised in reality – and we can often suggest ways to improve things, giving you an even more stunning result. We can develop your designs into a 3D model, so that you can see exactly how all your spaces work, and can really start to imagine living in your new home.

Our clients often pair this service with our temporary or permanent works solutions so that they are confident that the construction is following the structural design in detail. A single point of contact means that you can refer anything to us, or make changes and alterations without incurring huge costs or delaying the project.

Residential Temporary Works

The key to success

Undertaking a complete home-build or a large refurbishment project can be daunting. There are several phases to this type of construction, and you need a project team you can rely on to get it right. 

As experienced structural engineers, we specialise in temporary works, which are often the key to getting your project finished in time and on budget. Temporary works are the structures and supports that are put in place to allow permanent structures to be built around them. Without them, construction is impossible. We design, manage and install construction support that includes:

  • Temporary hoardings
  • Excavation equipment and support
  • Props and shoring
  • Scaffolding

The Construction Design and Management Regulations 2015 require that an engineered solution be considered and that the structural stability is evaluated for all projects, so it’s something that you need to take into consideration – and something that you need a professional company to organise. It will help you to prevent accidents, escalating costs and project delays – we can even provide a temporary works coordinator to make sure everything is arranged, delivered, installed, maintained and de-constructed at the right time for your project.

Building Control

Helping you meet Building Control Regulations

Whatever you are building, it will need to meet stringent building control requirements. Working with our building control partners, we can handle this part of your project for you, giving you a single point of contact and incorporating inspections and requirements throughout the build.

This means you don’t need to liaise with Local Authority Building Control officers – we will do this for you so that you can concentrate on your project. We’ll make sure that a final inspection is arranged and that you have the right certificates and paperwork once your project is complete. 

This service helps you to keep your project on track, improves tendering and pre-construction for larger projects and – most importantly – lets you get on with what you do best.