Residential Temporary Works

Temporary Works is an area that is regularly overlooked, but the key to the success of many projects being completed on time and to budget.

Have you ever seen a large scaffold on your construction site? Maybe you’ve seen a hoarding or fence that has fallen. Do you know you’re going to need deep excavations for your foundations, or drainage installation?
All of these have been known to injure people seriously, due to lack of understanding and planning. Temporary works apply to nearly every project. They are often forgotten. However, the new CDM Regulations 2015 (Construction, Design and Management) require that an engineered solution be considered and that the structural stability is evaluated.

Within our temporary works service, we can provide a temporary works coordinator for your project who will be responsible for helping plan the temporary works on site; they will assist in creating a design brief and manage the elements of temporary works throughout. The service is aimed at preventing unexpected costs and delays from early identification of problems; we often find this service is popular with our health and safety guidance and temporary Works design service, which closely coincides with our structural design service.

Have you got temporary works on your construction project or, have a question about temporary works on an up and coming project, please get in touch and we will be happy to help. Alternatively, please look to our blogs for more details over the coming months.

Structural Design

As suggested in the name, we help you with the structural design elements of your project. We can work with you architect, or as a stand-alone part of your team to help maximise your design for both space and athletics.
We provide a first class service, enabling you to progress your project to programme and achieve results you had not previously considered viable or possible. We often find our clients pair this service with others we provide, as they find it easier to have one point of contact helping to remove the hassle from what can be a time-consuming part of the project.
Structural design is what Preston & Co Engineering services were founded on, by understanding the building process, it allows us to provide a truly unique offering to our clients. We can design your permanent and temporary structures. From the start of our involvement in the project, we will also look for any issues that may arise in the future, causing potential delays and costs to your programme. Allowing you to consider the impact on your schedule, enabling you to find a solution before it becomes a problem.

Principal Designer

This is a new role that was created in the health and safety changes which were bought into effect in April 2015. The new CDM Regulations 2015 (Construction, Design and Management) have removed the role of CDM coordinator, this position no longer exists. Now it has put more duties with the commercial client (including Landlords and Developers) and the designers to implement health and safety on their construction projects.

In fact, if the commercial client does not formally appoint a principal designer on a project in writing, then the role and its duties will automatically fall to the responsibility of the client (read our blogs for more details on what this entails).

At Preston & Co Engineering we are happy to work with our clients to fulfil this role. This includes coordinating with the designers on your project including project managers, to help mitigate any issues of health and safety throughout the project using the principles of prevention and looking ahead at the project.

Additionally, we will be a key member within your team to help plan, manage, monitor and coordinate health and safety along with pre-construction information. While we are involved with the project, we will also collect and compile your health and safety file for the handover at the end of your project, and if the project changes hands at any stage (the properties sold) you will be required to have over this file.

Health and Safety Guidance

Construction health and safety has seen a large amount of change over recent years, new regulations and guidance have included the domestic construction industry and highlighted the responsibilities landlords and developers now have as commercial clients.

A large number of these additional duties and responsibilities can be found in the CDM Regulations 2015. (Construction, Design and Management). There are also other Acts and Regulations that apply to construction health and safety and for more information, you could take a look at our blog section on the website.

Preston & Co Engineering can provide different levels of service to help cope with and take the stress out of these health and safety requirements. Our service is offered to our clients who want to make the construction industry a safer place, at the same time meet all of their legal duties and believe in health and safety. At the same time, they often look forward to the reward of cost and time saving which comes with considering health and safety from the start of the project.

As Preston & Co Engineering have a construction engineering background and focus, we consider health and safety as an integral part of what we do. Previous experience has shown that we add value to the project from an engineering view while considering health and safety as our main objective. We have already saved our clients weeks and months on their programs, with the additional benefit of the site being made safer.

Building Control

Preston & Co Engineering are partnered with the fantastic approved private Building Control establishment; this puts us in a unique position to provide an invaluable working partnership for our clients. Allowing a simple one point of contact for the duration of your project. It is a service you can depend on to provide a quality product that meets approved Building Control Regulations.

This service is different from Local Authority Building Control, we incorporate this aspect throughout our services minimising delays and improving the tendering and pre-construction phases of your project. Meaning from the outset of your project, you will be in control, with less unanticipated surprises.

We offer fast, helpful advice from the start of your project. From helping write a written specification for your project, through to approving the specification and carrying out inspections while your project progresses. On completion of your project we can issue you with a certificate stating that the project has met approved Building Control Regulations. There will be no need to liaise with the Local Authority Building Control office as we will handle this for you, allowing you to concentrate on the important parts of your project.

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