Health and Safety Guidance

Keeping people and places safe

Construction health and safety requirements have changed significantly in recent years, with new regulations and guidance covering the domestic construction industry and widening the responsibilities of both landlords and developers.

It’s the responsibility of any site owner and the contractors working on the site to consider the health and safety implications of the site ahead of all other considerations. We provide several levels of service to help cope with and take the stress out of your health and safety responsibilities whilst ensuring you meet all the relevant requirements. 

We work with clients who not only want to make the construction industry a safer place, but appreciate the cost and time savings which come with considering health and safety from the start of the project.

At Preston & Co Engineering, health and safety as an integral part of what we do. Our clients tell us that we add value to the project from an engineering view while considering health and safety as our main objective. We have saved our clients weeks – sometimes months - on their projects by using this H&S-first approach.

For more information on construction site health and safety, including the CDM Regulations 2015 (Construction, Design and Management), take a look at our blog pages.

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