Temporary Works Coordination for the Commercial and Residential Construction Sectors


Preston & Co Engineering has been created to provide every client with a service that they can rely on to take away the stress and hassle of elements of the construction process. We operate in two areas of the industry, large commercial projects priced over £3 million, offering support on temporary works coordination from the start of the project.


Preston & Co Engineering’s background is in construction Civil Engineering. We, therefore, take a different approach to regular health and safety consultants, we look at many elements from a constructability point and where things may have been overlooked, providing additional value to help spot these forgotten areas early on in the project, helping to find solutions quickly.

We offer the following Temporary Works Solutions:

Building services for the commercial sector and developers.

Private & Residential

The second area in which we provide support is to private landlords and developers. We have taken our experience from leading infrastructure projects such as Crossrail, demonstrating the highest standards in construction best practices of the industry and then made these available to the landlord and developer segment of the industry.

We provide the following services to residential clients:

Building services for landlords and the residential sector.