The Foundation of your Construction Project

You can’t build, renovate or refurbish until you understand what’s already on your site and where there might be risks. Comprehensive surveys can give you the information and data you need to create the best design, plan your build and make the whole process more cost-effective and smoother to run.

We offer a range of specialist construction surveys to both commercial and homeowner clients – either as part of our full structural design and temporary works package or as a stand-alone service:

Condition Surveys – these look at the condition of existing buildings or structures in question. A condition survey can include recommendations for the costs of improving the standard of the buildings and for any ongoing maintenance required. They often cover not just the physical condition of the structure, but also internal decoration, fixtures and fittings including electrical and gas systems. 

Strength Surveys – these are specialist surveys that assess the strength of core building materials such as concrete and brickwork. These surveys help structural engineers to determine what proportion, if any, of the materials used in an existing structure can be re-used or remain as part of the new construction. We also offer a specialist timber assessment package – contact us to find out more.

3D Surveys – also known as a ‘measured survey’, a 3D survey uses the latest technology to capture data about an existing building or site and allows us to recreate that building as a 3D model. We can then build a new design for the site and realise that design in 3D, giving you a complete idea of what your new building or structure will look like from every angle. You may also know this as a Point Cloud Data survey, commonly used for Autodesk Revit or similar.